• Two Studios

    One Connection to Nature & Natural Cycles
    • Tetonia


    • Barcelona


  • Barcelona, In Rhythm with the Catalonian Hills


    In Rhythm with the Catalonian Hills

    Natalie's studio in Spain is tucked amongst the hills of Catalonia, in a 13th century Spanish masia.  Rich in history and fertile soil, the hillsides of the masia flourish with olive groves and vineyards of Spanish wine varietals.  In rhythm with these natural cycles, Natalie delves deep into her sculpture practice.  A world-class stone carving studio, Natalie has produced her most recent work "The Forms of Origin", within this space. 

  • Tetonia, Steeped in the American West


    Steeped in the American West

    Natalie's studio in Tetonia, Idaho sits at the base of America's most striking mountain range, the Grand Tetons.  Originally a 100-year old Mormon church, Natalie bought and began restoring the property in 1986.  Over the years, it has evolved into a vibrant artist's haven, housing Natalie's sculpture studio and art collection from across the world.  It was within this space that Natalie's iconic body of work "Crystalline Spires | Faceted Gems" took form.

  • Vignettes

    Of an artist's space and creative process