Second Edition of Forever Is Now

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The multidisciplinary arts entity Art D’Egypte opened its door on Thursday for its second edition of “Forever is Now,” an international exhibition that reflects the profound global influence of ancient Egypt and draws on the ongoing inclusiveness of contemporary cultural practices.


Following the success of the first edition, the world’s eyes will once again be on Cairo as the exhibition brings together 11 artworks by 12 international and regional artists to the monumental pyramids of Giza.



The showcase, which runs until Nov. 30, features large-scale site-specific artworks that blend with the pyramids’ natural stone.


This year’s theme is “Timelessness and the Mysteries of an Ancient Civilization.” The artworks were created using natural materials.


The artists exhibiting their works include Mohammed Al-Faraj from Saudi Arabia, Therèse Antoine and Ahmed Karaly from Egypt, Natalie Clark from the US and Spain, Emilio Ferro from Italy, Zeinab Al-Hashemi from the UAE, JR from France, eL Seed from Tunisia, SpY from Spain, Pascale Marthine Tayou from Cameroon and Jwan Yosef from Syria and Sweden.


Liter of Light, a global movement dedicated to providing sustainable solar light to energy-poor communities, will also be taking part in the exhibition.


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Photo Credit: Hesham Alsaifi

October 28, 2022
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