Skew Gallery Solo Exhibition: Calgary, Canada


Skew Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by British-American artist Natalie Clark

Influenced by extensive travels around the world, Natalie Clark’s art is a fusion of influences from modern design, ethnographic, and the organic form and colour found in nature. Whether traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg or the Outback in Australia, Clark recognizes the universal threads that knit together various indigenous cultures and their prospective landscapes.


Responding to her personal observations such as the Diamond Mines in South Africa, Clark incorporates organic and man-made materials into her work with a current predilection for steel to create polyhedron and crystalline forms. Clark employs her many original sculptures, inspired by straight-lined natural forms, to become components in her installations that speak to scale and mass. The individual forms are clustered together to resemble something totemic, or organic like a forest, iceberg or geological phenomena.



Clark draws her palette from the role colour plays in indigenous community and culture. Clark’s range of pigment in Crystalline includes the symbolic colours of Prayer Flags as observed on her sojourn through Bhutan; red for fire, blue for air and green for water.


In 1986, Natalie Clark obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, from Brighton University in England. She came to the United States on a full-merit scholarship, and attained her Masters in Fine Arts from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She followed her formal training with an Artist in Industry Residency at the Kohler factory in Wisconsin and has taught at University level in Texas and Wyoming. Natalie’s 9/11 Memorial submission was a finalist in the design competition and has been exhibited in New York. Her work has been featured on the radio, on TV’s “Good Morning America”, CNN”s online website and newspapers internationally. Natalie Clark divides her time between Washington D.C. and her live/ work studio in a converted church in the majestic Teton Mountains just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Installation Views