I often compare my artistic journey to the journey of gems.


They, like me, travel through many lands and times and cultures before arriving at their final destination, though of course there are no final destinations.  Emotional and physical values are assigned through shape, form and color. 


In this series of works, "Crystalline Spires, Faceted Gems", I explore the complexity of shape, form and material stemming from my classical sculptural training and am also responding to the influence of color imprinted on me from intense global travel...the reds on a swath of cloth worn by the women in a Masai village, the rich ochres of the earth in the Australian outback, the blue ices from glacial faces in Patagonia. The elemental and universal symbolic use of color in Tibetan and Bhutanese pray flags are primary: red for the fire, blue for the sky, white for the wind, green for water, and yellow for the earth. Inspiration arises from the large vertical Bhutanese flags dotted throughout the majestic, magical landscape creating giant spires.  And finally, the value of color, both in monetary and emotional terms, endures…the deep blue and clarity of a perfect sapphire speaks to wealth, love and devotion.


This series - "Crystalline Spires, Faceted Gems" - represents an integration of nature and culture, of facets and colors, of form and emotion.