THE FORMS OF ORIGIN explores the essence of the feminine divine, sacred geometry, and the story of life.  


My inspiration comes not from strident feminism, but from the feminine divine.  From the power of women and how they create the lush and nurturing garden where creativity, relationships, families, peace and happiness grow.  I strive to channel the energies of the deep feminine divine by breathing life, breath, and fluidity into the hard crystalline structure of marble.  Carving soft, undulating curves embedded into rigid stone - hands connecting to the body, to the mind, to the marble - the material has an ancientness to it, a familiarity.  When the material is as pure as marble, the connection can be quite profound, channeling the angels connecting with the Divine.


Reflecting on the feminine in terms of form and personality, I channeled numerous female friends and found a curve, a form, an expression of what they represented to me via the material of marble and stone.  Each one very different, yet each one bound by a common thread. The goddess, the sorceress, the alchemist, the mother.  Both hard and soft, reflecting a hard beauty.  I looked at those archetypes and brought them into the work, a high priestess of marble tapping into the universe.  All while honoring the purity of the material and its crystalline structure - its sound, its resonance, its provenance first from the stars and then from the earth.  


This body of work symbolizes all these facets.  It is at once celebratory, angry, confused, powerful, sexy and strong.  The vesica piscis, the cycles of nature, the seasons.  The Divine Feminine.